Monday, July 11, 2011

After a long break....

I talked with a few friends this weekend who were looking here for both of my wise words.  I told Jim I was start posting things, so here we go!  Here is my list of top five "Surprisingly Frightening Animals."
5.  Wisconsin cows.  Small, confined homes where the beasts don't look particularly smart.  They could fall on you, I am sure.  I saw Tommy Boy with the cow tipping.  If they fall that easy, I don't want to be under one.
4.  Addis dogs.  I was bit by one in February when I was in Ethiopia.  It's true, ask CJ.  Anyways, it didn't break skin, but if it did I am sure that I would be in some Austrian hospital still.  They are part dog, part nightmare.
3.  Louisville ground hogs.  They travel in packs and think that cars should move for them.  We once didn't go in a shoe store because a few were hanging out in front of the store.  Why there isn't a sports team named after these intimidating beasts is a mystery to me.
2.  Awassa birds.  There are these birds the size of horses in Awassa.  No one knows what I am talking about, but they are big enough for Wisconsin cows to ride on the back of them.  They are like Ford Pintos with wings.  Very frightening.
1.  Any goat.  I'm not convinced they were created before the fall.  They eat your clothes and poop Dippin Dots.  I don't understand the beasts.  I would rather meet a moose than a goat.

note: The hyena is not listed on this list because it is not surprisingly frightening.  They are just straight scary.

There you go.  I'll talk to y'all soon!

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