Friday, February 17, 2012

Not in My Future

I just discovered that I didn't know how to do the basic stuff for Twitter. This is interesting to me since I also don't understand blogging, facebook or even email really. I just learned how to zip files yesterday even though I work on a computer for Eyes That See. All of that to say I am going to take three minutes and tell you the five jobs that are clearly not in my future.

1. IT Department anywhere. Self explanatory.

2. Point Guard for the Knicks. I thought that they were going to call me for sure, but that Jeremy guy got there first. I was so close!

3. Zookeeper. It is true that I would be sure the animals stayed in their cage. It is just the whole "join them in the cage and play/feed/treat/care for" part of the job that I am not comfortable with.

4. Car Mechanic. By the simple fact that I put "car" in front of the word "mechanic" I think I am disqualified. It's not that I would be good with airplanes or tanks either, but I think that they all run magically if you just change the oil and give them gasoline. Also, I don't think they drink quality coffee in a shop and I would probably slow down because of that.

5. Professional Chess Player. I just learned that they exist yesterday. That is amazing to me! They travel around the world winning giant piles of money. I learned this while trying to train some chess instructors. As I trained them I couldn't remember the name of the knight piece, so I called it "the horsey." I'm not sure they learned much yesterday. Not my best moment honestly.

I guess part of realizing who you are is learning who you are not.

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