Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Four Dollars

My gas tank is almost empty.  Tomorrow morning I will need to fill up the Man Van before I go through the day.  Paying $3.99 for gas made me think of when gas was a dollar and we drove all day to Aerosmith's song from Armageddon.  All of that is a distant past, but it is funny what I think is a good deal for $4.  Here are thoughts that I have probably had.

  • $4 at McDonald's: "I remember $2.99 meal.  This is way too expensive for fake food."
  • $4 at a Bats Game: "$5 gives the souvenir cup, so $4 is way worth a 32 ounce soda!  After all, the "all-you-can-drink" cup is like $9.  $4 is nothing!"
  • $4 fee at school.  "I really don't know if books are that important.  Prices are rising and we have five kids!"  (Plus $10 late fees at the school library!)
  • $4 at Thorton's, (or Kwik Trip).  "You can get like 325 ounces of soda, 14 hot dogs and a bottle of Yoohoo there.  It's like Christmas kids!"
  • $4 at Starbucks.  "I know the water costs $4, but 25 cents goes to children."
  • $4 at Target.  "I don't know if we NEED socks.  That seems pretty steep for a twelve pack.  Can't you just share with your brother?  Wear them inside out? Put a sticker over the hole?"
  • $4 on cereal.  "Wow!  How can Cheerios cost so much?  This will only last our family a few days!"
  • $4 on donuts.  "That should get you home, Durant.  I'm glad to give you six pounds of chocolate icing for breakfast!"
  • $4 at Taco Bell. "I'm going to pay for this!"
  • $4 at the gas pump.  "Seriously.  These kids are going to start walking to practice."
I hope you have a more realistic grasp on the value of a dollar.  Apparently I have no clue.

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