Monday, April 25, 2011


It has been raining almost every day here.  I'm not complaining Wisconsin.  I am glad it is not snow.  Still, almost everyday.  The rain has been very timely though.

Yesterday Ana was out drawing with Easter chalk on the deck.  I don't know what makes it "Easter chalk" other than the extra dollar you pay and the shorter, fatter stick, but she was drawing nonetheless.  She had amazingly straight lines all over the deck.  They were also on the table, and a little bit even on the window.  Her feet and legs were tie dyed some awesome spring colors and she was happy.  I would call the art "modern."  At least I think I would.

A few weeks ago she found some baking soda goo that her brother had made and decorated the same deck, table and window.  Her legs and feet looked like goo on that day.

Today, when I look outside, everything is wiped away.  Some of the pictures were great and I was happy about them.  Some of them, well, not so much.  Still, today is new and the rain has washed away all that was.

Sometimes people need brand new starts where everything that was is wiped away.  Sometimes we need all the successes wiped away to finally be present.  Sometimes we need all our failures to be erased.  Either way the rain comes.  I'm thankful for rain.  Today is brand new again.

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