Monday, December 6, 2010

Newsflash: Friends make snow fun

I dislike snow.  I would rather have 365 100 degree days with mosquitoes biting me than have snow and cold.  I think snow should be banned outside of the Winter Olympics.  A friend in Louisville mentioned how Adam and Eve didn't have clothes so snow must not have been a part of God's plan.  I'm sure that, like shirt biting goats, snow is a result of the fall. Imagine Eden without snow or goats.  Beautiful!

This weekend my good friend Andy came and visited.  He called Thursday and said he would be here Friday.  He and Alazar spent the weekend driving around with us and going wherever we needed to go. The funny thing is I played in the snow more this weekend than I have in probably three years.  Typically I shovel, scrape my car and grunt a lot.  This weekend I actually had a snowball fight, threw our kids in the snow and even got whitewashed a little.  I was cold, but it was fun.

All this to say that in the battle for emotions between snow and friends, the joy of a friend defeats the slight depression of least last weekend.  We'll see when I go back up to Eau Claire and Minnesota.  I'm wearing twelve shirts everyday plus a nose warmer.

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  1. I'm with you on the snow comments - as for being cold, 11 degrees in Chicago when it's ONLY Dec. 6th is all wrong! (especially when my sister called from B-ham to tell me it was 38 degrees and she was FREEZING!!)