Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Should have seen it coming.

The Longhorns are missing a bowl game for the first time since I was a freshman in college.  This is a sad day, but I should have seen the fall coming.  No McCoy, no Shipley, no bowl game.  I should have learned from watching the Yankees fall from their lofty perch.  For you anti-sports people, don't check out. This made me think of other tragic falls I should have seen coming.

  • Hootie and the Blowfish-The first album moved me.  Actually, I just really liked it.  The simplicity of four chords and a voice lower than Barry White's. Now that is awesome!  I wanted to hold his hand after listening a few times! I knew that you had to let her cry, I knew everything, except that their would be no Beatles-like run by Hootie.  Sure, he went country.  But he went country.  I should have seen it coming.
  • Rome-I wasn't there, but I should have seen the fall coming.  Gibbon clearly did with his 5,000,000 pages.
  • The Economy- I don't know a thing about the economy except that my house won't sell and a lot of people are grumpy.  Still, a few years ago everyone was happy and everything sold.  I should have seen it coming.
  • My awesomeness-  I have five kids who think I am awesome to different degrees.  Ana, who is young, can't talk, and always gets the last sip of my coffee thinks I'm the greatest.  Carter and Ezra who are getting older, becoming more athletic than me, and cannot learn from my dance moves anymore are less convinced.  When I began to have more kids than guitars I should have seen the fall from my self proclaimed awesomeness coming.  

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