Monday, December 13, 2010


I have been asked if I like Kentucky or not a lot lately.  People here are nervous that I don't.  Some people back home are hoping that we don't.  A few others are hoping that we do really like it here and aren't coming back (you know who you are!)  Today I have decided that I do like it for one specific reason: Louisvillites (or whatever we are called down here) make me feel manly.

School is closed today because there is ice on the road covered by about two inches of snow.  I actually read yesterday about the "drifts" that will happen because of the snow.  Meanwhile, back home people have actually lost their car under the snow that has fallen.  The snow at the end of the driveways in Eau Claire are probably taller than me and they still managed to go to school today.

I remember growing up and hearing my dad had walked up hill both ways to school and left early to bring the cows back into the pasture.  I never believed him, yet everyone currently living in the blistery Eau Claire can tell of these stories and I will be their evidence.  You survived it and it made you stronger.  Meanwhile, we are preparing for the end of the world, talking existentially, and kissing our loved ones.

I have to be honest.  I always complained about the cold, but I found people worse than me.  Though this would be a dangerous spiritual pattern, I'm going to feel awesome about it today.  In a few hours I will go run errands with my family while we rock our boy's hip hop music in our man van.  As I do this, I will feel like the most manly being in Louisville.  Sure, it takes me an afternoon to change the headlight, but I can handle the cold.  I didn't even grow a beard to do it!

Louisville, you and me are all good.  You make me feel manly!

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