Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Update on Ana

Many of you have been so faithful in praying for and asking about little Ana.  As you know, she is a pretty amazing little girl who has been through a lot already in her life.  When we were getting ready to move, we were a little nervous about what the move would mean for her.  Stress isn't good for her seizures and change isn't her favorite.  Sometimes this isn't an easy family for her!

When we moved we didn't have insurance for her.  We didn't have doctors or even a school.  Now, only a few months out, we have blessed with all of these things.  Ana was picked up by insurance just about a week before her meds ran out.  She has not only one neurologist, but two!  One is in Cincinnati and one in downtown Louisville. She also has the most amazing school for her.  It is on the other side of town, but we gladly bring her so that she can reach her full potential.  She has even napped by herself at school.  This is life changing!

Ana being in school and doing so well has allowed Nikk to be working on Eyes That See at normal people hours instead of 3am.  This has been a gift as there has been so much to do.  We are dreaming of what Ana's potential might be and thanking God for what he has done in the last few years.  She even said "plate" the other day!  Pretty awesome.

Thanks for all the prayers for her and our family.  We are very blessed and thankful as we prepare for Christmas.  God is good!

Ana is ready for school!


  1. Thanks for the update! This is the best smile ever:)

  2. Yay! God is so good! And Ana is SOOO adorable! I love this picture of her!

  3. Thanks for all the prayers. I agree about the smile. This is my background now!

  4. Yes, God is good and I thank Him for taking care of you and your family Matt in all the new adventures and places. I miss you guys more than words can say. Ana's smile says it all, may we all be so thankful as she is:)...I enjoy your blog "Caught My Eye" may God continue to Bless you big time:) ya...your fav mom-in-law.