Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Photos From the Road-The Economy

This week my mom is down visiting our family.  It has been great spending time with her and having the kids climb all over her and everything.  It has also given me time to take some photos while driving my car, because nothing says "I'm a good son and driver" like taking photos while driving.

For those of you who question if we will really make it in this economy, see the photo below.

That is an actual company.  If you own it, more power to you.  The existence of this company shows the collision of two of our most scarce resources: time and money.  Sometimes one has to win out.  The owner of this awesome van knows that people have less time than money, so they offer to pay a lot of money to groom your pet, apparently at your house.

I think this is awesome.  In no way does it benefit me, but it gave me my next business idea: The Kid Car Wash.  For those families who don't have time for baths, you put your kid in a power wheels and hose them off with gallons of water, dry them with massive hair dryers and ship them to bed.  I think it would work.

About the lack of money, we'll be alright folks.  I know many people are in desperate circumstances and I have sympathy for those individuals.  For those of us who just feel things a little tighter, need to look again at our budgets and maybe vacation less, well, the world is still spinning and the sun is still rising.

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