Thursday, March 3, 2011

Photos From the Road-Seriously?

A few days ago I got to drive down to Bowling Green, KY.  (Not the "University of Bowling Green" Bowling Green.  The other one.)  I was having a nice drive listening to music and making phone calls when my day was forever changed by the vehicle that I passed.  Check it out.

I guess I have never stopped to think of how these giant animals moved.  It makes sense that they are on a truck, but still, I'm amazed.  I don't really understand giant decorative creatures.  I remember the bull, the cow, and the mouse in Eau Claire.  I never ate a restaurant that owned one.  I think that is a good rule.  

All of my thoughts came rushing at me when I saw this truck.  Did someone really pay to have these made?  How many people make these for a living?  Is the giant decorative animal guy married to the "zoom and groom" girl?  Are these animals going to the same place?  If they are, what kind of place is that?

I think I wanted to pretend that these animals were a part of nature and people built around them.  In my mind they were always there, so no one ever chose to put a giant animal in their parking lot.  I lost a little bit of innocence that day.  I'll be okay though.

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