Monday, January 3, 2011

Finally back

I know...I know...both of you didn't know what to do without my thoughts.  Well, after being in Eau Claire and Minneapolis for a week, coming back to kids who acted like they were stuck in a car for 14 hours, having almost three weeks off of school, having both Nikki's and my laptops break, and a middle finger that swelled to the size of a big toe I am back.  I bet you missed me too!  Here are my blogging New Year's resolutions. 
1. To actually post things.
2. Post things that are worth reading (starting with my next post)
3. To have other people check my blog more than I do.
4. Lose 20 lbs blogging.  (I just threw this in because resolutions always seem to be about having weight and not having money.)


  1. This magical land called Kentucky intrigues me. Snow days like crazy and 3 weeks off for Christmas? I'm starting to think you've made the whole thing up and really moved 10 miles south of town and just sit around dreaming up ways to taunt the rest of us...I will catch you Matt. I know you are scamming us all.

  2. I actually think that Kentucky is a part of the European Union. We have "holidays" not vacations. We don't have wine, but we have plenty of Maker's Mark here. Anyways, 10 miles south of Eau Claire is farmland and that scares me, you know that Mary!