Tuesday, October 26, 2010

From this week...

I had this moment yesterday that felt familiar.  In fact, I have had several moments like it this past week.  I had finished most of my tasks for the day and I was driving to get a cup of coffee to finish up my last emails for the day.  When I got to the coffee shop I was hit with a fairly new emotion.  It shouldn't be so new, but in practical everyday life I think it is.  I sat at the coffee shop and opened up my emails.  There were several emails from people who look radically different than they did a few years ago.  There are people devoting their lives to others within the US and abroad.  There was a father loving his family.  There were a few friends that always make me laugh when I need it.  I started thinking of my wife and how much I missed her when she was gone last week (the reason for no posts!)  I started praying for my kids because I wanted to, not because I committed to it.  I wasn't praying God would change them.  I was just thanking Him.  I think I'm new to gratefulness.
It isn't that my parents didn't teach me.  They did.  I just learned the polite version.  A friend at work was talking about how entitled we are as US Americans.  I see that in me.  God brings good in my life, I stamp my name on it and assume it is some reward for something.  I know I miss most of what He brings.
I didn't see this coming, but I'm so glad that God is putting gratefulness within me. I have so much to be thankful for.  Last night I talked to a great friend on the phone during Carter's basketball.  After talking I was left feeling incredibly cared for by my Father.  Not everything is resolved, but I'm safe and my family is safe.  We are surrounded from a far with people who love us and we are blessed beyond what we could even dream.  We get to do what we love and never lack adventure.
I know that if you read this you probably know my family.  Many of you are praying for us often, excited to hear about new adventures, and caring for us in different ways.  I just want to take a moment and sincerely thank you.  I don't know what God has today, but this week I have been struck by how our Father is a good Father.  Enjoy today.

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