Friday, October 22, 2010

Three jobs I would love until I had them.

In high school I had the most amazing job in the world. I worked at Toys R Us.  It was awesome.  I was a seasonal employee, so I was done working just weeks before it would begin feeling like work.  My time at Toys R Us was spent in the security area with remote control cars and video games.  Not a bad gig.  
They just put a Toys R Us near my house and it made me think of that awesome job.  I started thinking about other jobs that would be awesome until you actually did them.  Here are my three “"Dream Jobs that I don't ever want to do because that would take the Dream part away.”"
  • Radio Host-Yesterday Ezra pointed out that on the radio station we listen to they talk about whatever they want.  They talk about Pringles, then surfing, then God all in the matter of five minutes.  Also, they are only on air about four hours a day and then apparently eat Pringles and surf.  I don't want to surf or eat Pringles, but Cheetos and golf would be awesome.  In real life a radio host works more, but in my dream world this is the best job.
  • Coffee Shop Owner- I still want to do this one some day.  Think about it, what is better than coffee in the morning?  Nothing.  I imagine the joy there would be in owning a coffee shop where you are providing joy and sanity to people as they start their day.  For some, you are the only moment that they take for themselves in their busy schedule.  For others, the coffee shop is like Cheers (the place where you can hang out, drink your chosen vice, but not feel bad about it.)  It would be an awesome job, except for the fact that you have to wake up before the coffee is made.  Some even bake their own treats which is great, but I would have to do this during my favorite cycle of sleep.  Maybe I'll let this stay a dream job for a while longer.
  • Baseball Announcer-We watch a lot of baseball in my house.  Nikki always says that the announcers copy me.  I make the comments first.  It is really an easy job once you get the pronunciations down.  It's not like football or basketball where the action is fast.  Each pitch has like an hour between them, and I'm sure that is there so people can tell long winded stories about their grandfather's favorite player.  I'd be great at this.  Except for the travel, the obligation to be impartial (not possible for me) and the fact that I don't like my voice enough to listen to me 162 times a year.  Can you imagine how often I would tell the same story?  I already do this more than the average retiree.  This will stay a dream job too.

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