Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October's Random Interest

I just returned from Ethiopia.  I spent eleven days with my friend Phil working on a project where ten kids receive the full benefit of a sponsorship program as well after school tutoring, a meal and a safe place to play soccer while their uniform is being cleaned.  It was a great trip, but exhausting.  I was so ready to come home and at the airport I was given a unique gift.  I was given the gift of a 28 hour delay on my return home.  It was never said that I would receive 28 extra hours spent between the airport and a hotel room without my bags, I was just given the opportunity to endure.

We got to the hotel room about 3:30 in the morning and the cleaning lady was standing in my room by 8 (frightening moment) so you understand how much sleep I was running on.  After burning my foot on the first really hot water I had been around in two weeks I was feeling slightly delusional.  After breakfast I went out by the pool and read.  As I read I imagined being interviewed about the delay and what I was going to give credit to for my amazing ability to endure without threatening anyone with violence.  My ability was not just genetic, it wasn't even learned at the great UWEC.  My ability to remain calm in the presence of an exhausting 28 hour delay was not because of my trained mind or calm spirit.  When it comes down to it, I believe that I could endure because of Yellow Fanta.  Technically it is "Pineapple Fanta"  but you run the risk of having apple brought to you.

In general I think that soda is overrated.  It is a social beverage that I will drink to fit in.  You can tell because I'll drink Coke with you if you like Coke, Pepsi if you like Pepsi, and I'll have water and leave quickly if you enjoy Diet Rite.  The one exception to this is Yellow Fanta.  It has a unique combination of fruity wonder, sparkling joy and a hint of heaven all in a semi clean Ethiopian glass bottle.  I'm amazed more people don't love it.  Anyways, I had drank a bottle of this just before I got to the airport and in it had just enough joy to endure a 28 hour delay, plenty of sickness and a caffeine headache. If you have some money to spend right now, buy stock in Yellow Fanta.  It is a can't miss!

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