Monday, October 18, 2010

Strep in Adulthood

I was sick plenty when I was a kid.  I feel pretty cool at the doctor when they shine that light in my ears because they can see my battle scars from all the ear infections.  It's like if you look at me I don't look that tough at all, but if you see my ears I'm like William Wallace.  There has never been a doctor who told me how tough my throat looks, but I'm sure if I got a moment away from their professional oaths that is what they are dying to tell me.
Anyways, last week I had a good friend tell me that he was sensing Nikki and I were needing to slow down.  I took this as good counsel as I talked with him on the phone, walked the walking track, was trying to learn how to change the headlight in my van (the awesomely red one) and raise more funds for Eyes That See.  I even told Nikki we needed to slow down.  Then, the next day I woke up earlier, worked later, and took his words as theory.  Wednesday night was my reward.
Have you ever had one of those nights where you are sure someone has put a hot pad within you and a bucket of ice.  I felt like I swallowed Maine and my throat couldn't fit air next to all the lobsters.  I was miserable.  Thursday morning I woke earlier for a new Bible study.  I went to the study, went to my coffee shop and was planning on an ordinary Thursday until the coffee shop started to spin.  I've never seen a room bounce like that.  With all the intelligence I could muster I went home. I emerged from my blanket yesterday.  It was four days under a blanket and stealing the main living room.  Ana laid beside me like a puppy would as the other kids tried to avoid me.  I think they were certain that my groaning was me communicating chores I wanted to dish out.  Nikki spent the weekend caring for me, Ana, and Carter who were all feeling it pretty less than awesome.  I didn't know strep was so bad.  It's a nasty deal.
All that to say I wish I would listen.  I used to be good at rhythm.  I would know to slow down, to rest, to breathe.  I used to teach people to do this.  Now I need to learn again.  Now that we have moved there is a whole new set of circumstances to navigate.
I feel like a little kid in need of a really good dad.  I wish I didn't have to go through this last weekend to come back to where I'm invited to live.  Hopefully I stay here longer this time.

ps-wash your hands and drink lots of fluids.

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