Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I'm a fan.  Seriously.  Coffee is probably the only bean in the world that I would call both beautiful and a bit seductive.  I've only lived in three places and often visit Ethiopia, so here are my favorite coffees in each place.

Minneapolis:  The Caribou Coffee on 85th in Brooklyn Park.  I like this one because it's by my mom's house and I used to go there after visiting my dad when he was sick.  I cried and felt happy there.  Once I used the awkward bathroom between them and Dairy Queen, but it still wins for me.  (I know there are great local places, but I haven't lived there forever and dad memories always win.)

Eau Claire: Hands down.  Coffee Grounds on 93.  No competition.  I loved it, sat there for years of my life.  Drink the Bolivian coffee and just escape for a moment.  It is like entering a world without troubles.

Louisville:  Java Brewing Company on 22 and 42.  Great staff, great coffee served in cups that are nearly as big as my head.  (If you know me, you know that this is quite a statement.)

Ethiopia:  Any little ceremony you can take part in.  Watch the amount of sugar though, it's crazy.  The coffee is good and strong on it's own so you don't need fifty scoops like they'll offer unless you want both a caffeine and sugar rush.

If I get to go to other places, I'll try to find my favorite there too.


  1. I'm a truck stop coffee guy - black and strong and all day long is how I like it (though "they" say the light roast has more caffeine!") However, I do appreciate a good cup of coffee, especially with my wife! Pete again...

  2. dad memories win every time, i totally get it. caribou always reminds me of dad burning out coffee grinders in our old garage.

    but next time you come to MN, i'll take you to MY favorite coffee shop. It might not be your favorite, but I think you'd see why i love it. It's called the spyhouse. it's cool looking and there's interesting music, and you can get regular coffee brewed in 5 different methods!

    totally worth putting up with the smell of hipsters...

    love you, brother!

  3. Matt, I know you. Your head is NOT that big!!