Monday, September 20, 2010

September's Resource

My favorite invention probably go in this order:
1.  baseball (obvious)
2.  Super Mario Bros. on Ninetendo (How did they get Mario out of that little cartridge)
3.  airplane (reallly amazing if you think about it)
4.  toilet (seriously, just think about it)
5.  the white board.

If Eyes That See ever has its own office there will be a room, preferably my office, that is completely white boards.  Maybe if they had "tan boards" people would be okay with a room decorated that way.

My friend CJ tells me of programs that are like a white board all the time.  I used to use OneNote, but I love my hard drive so many times that my license was filled.  I found Evernote and really like it. It is a free program that is nothing like a white board, but still allows for me to have random thoughts and tape up photos, websites, etc.  It is worth checking out if you think of ten things at a time, need checklists, and like free downloads.  What programs do you guys use?


  1. TOTALLY have to have the clear glass ones like the guy uses to crunch huge math problems on Numb3rs.

  2. Matt you forgot to put chachskis on your list!!! If not one of the greatest inventions at least it's for sure one of the greatest words!!! That should totally be your next list..... top 5 best words ever!!!!