Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Yesterday I was supposed to do a talk called Pecha Kucha.  This is when you have 20 slides to talk about something and only 20 seconds per slide. The slides are automatically turning after 20 seconds and you have to pretty much catch up.  I spent about two weeks trying to think about what I was going to talk about.  Last Thursday my friend at Java said "you just talk about what you like."  This seemed revolutionary.  I know everyone talks about what they like and that people have been blogging this for years, but I never realized people would be interested in what I like.  So this is my attempt at self-disclosure.  This blog is about what I like.  Mom, I hope you subscribe because then I have one follower!
So the Pecha Kucha talk was postponed and I stayed home yesterday.  When I was supposed to be at Java talking I was instead just hanging out with the family.  It was about bed time and I told everyone I was going to the deck to read.  Ezra was sure I would play video games because he would and made fun of me for liking reading more than video games.  This made me think of what I like to read.  Here are my favorites authors for anyone interested.

1.  C.S. Lewis-The Great Divorce is awesome.  Mere Christianity is worthwhile for anyone.  Til We Have Faces is a book I have read several times and like more every time.

2.  David Halberstam- I would read any of his books that are less than 30 lbs.  Some of them are more I'm certain.  October 1964 and Summer of '49 are the best baseball books in my opinion.  His book The Best and the Brightest was good too, though it is nearing the 30 lb rule.  Does it make a Kindle heavier?

3.  Francis Chan- Our lives and churches would look radically different if we actually lived this way instead of liking the idea and challenge of living this way.  What actually keeps us from this?  Read Crazy Love if you want to change.  If you want to just be cool, please don't read it and ruin a great book though.

4.  Malcolm Gladwell and Michael Lewis.  I know both have been made fun of, pretty much for people liking them and making them trendy.  I still like both authors a lot.  They make me interested in things because they are.  That's talent.

I like a lot of other people, but that is who first came to mind.

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