Thursday, September 16, 2010

September's Book

My good friend Ernie makes fun of my book choices because I love books like Salt, which is not a clever title.  It's actually the opposite of clever, it's a book completely about salt.  It's awesome though!  As you can tell, I'm done apologizing.  Welcome to my world filled with books that to me are interesting.  (And yes, I do read them and I do have five kids, a wife, and a job.)
One of my favorite books is called Ghost Map.  It is about the spread of cholera in 1854 throughout London.  I could not put it down as I read this book.  The thing that keeps coming back to me is that there were all of these assumptions that were made about the spread of cholera.  None of them were checked out, they were just assumed.  This dangerous act took the lives of so many people and really makes 1854 London look like one of the least intelligent and hygienic groups of people of all time.
I have spent a lot of time reflecting on this book and how in my own life I make crazy assumptions without investigation and how that can lead to horrible results.  I've made assumption about what is good, who can be trusted, and about how smart I am.  This book helped me give second thoughts to items that deserve at least three.  It is an awesome book.  Don't even get it at the library.  Buy it.  (I don't even know if anyone is reading, but I'm being firm!)

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  1. That "third" look is what God wants to use to help us but I am usually too arrogant to bother with the second look, much less the third! Thanks Matt, I have lots of kids too but do NOT find time to read... maybe I should give that a second look! As for the techno comment, my post will come up as "Lori" and I have no idea how to change it! Pete Smith