Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September's Magazine

I'm amazed how many interesting magazines there are out there.  I'm also amazed how they can stay in print, but that is a totally different deal.  A magazine that I had read about and then read the last issue is called Good.  

On their website, Good describes itself by saying "GOOD Magazine is about moving things forward, and we're here to celebrate progress wherever we see it come to life. This is the emerging sensibility in our world and that gets us fired up."

Their last issue was about New Orleans.  They wrote about art, cleanup projects, building, green movements, and other things that they would label "good."  It is dangerous to begin labeling things "good" or "bad" in our own minds, and yet this magazine is a great attempt to look at the good things that are happening and not just focus on what is bad.  You can look at the magazine at Barnes and Noble and they have a lot of articles online as well.  Check it out.

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