Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I am becoming more aware of what I have been given.  My kids are healthy.  My wife is awesome.  I had a job that is satisfying and keeps me dependent on Him.  Besides these things, there are so many other things that I just expect, and I now see they are the simplest ways that He shows His faithfulness.  Food, shelter, safety and hope.  As we spend our time working in Ethiopia and seeing people in great need, I have a huge desire to keep my family aware of the reality of lives in that great country.  I don't want us to distance ourselves.  I don't ever want my house to forget our ability to tangibly change lives.

I have decided that on Thanksgiving as we are thankful for all that God is doing in our lives, my family is going to take some time and give gifts of our thanks to God.  I'm going to invite each of my kids, Nikki, and myself to give to God of what we have.  I don't know yet what the kids will give.  Maybe it's a toy we will sell or ship over to Ethiopia.  Maybe it is their hard earned quarters again.  For Nikki and I, it will be looking at what we can sacrificially give through Eyes That See to our friends abroad.

I want to invite you to do this as well.  It is very simple, doesn't take much time, and doesn't take much energy.  I want to encourage you to show your thanks through giving this year.  As you gather for this holiday, talk with the people that you eat with and see how it is that you collectively can show your gratitude.  Maybe you want to take up an offering right there. Maybe you find a way to give of your time together.  Maybe you want to spend $50 less on Friday and give it to Eyes That See or another organization.  However you do it, I want to encourage you to give sacrificially during this season.  The joy and peace that follows is greater than any other gift you could receive.

If you plan on doing something like this over Thanksgiving, please comment and encourage others to do the same.  If you want to share a story, please email it over and we will post it on this blog.  Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. We're in! We'll take this year's Thanksgiving and intentionally reverse it to Givingthanks. To be grateful in a tangible way, as a family, collectively in Spirit, unity and cause is almost too exciting to wait for! Happy Givingthanks!