Friday, November 19, 2010

Think your day is rough?

I was home between meetings yesterday when Durant got home from school.  He had his brown hoodie on with his hood up.  He also had on some red shorts that would have made a gym teacher from 1989 jealous because of their length.  His legs were all ashy underneath and Nikki was laughing as she walked next to him.  She told me to ask him what happened at school, so I did.  He replied with words I never thought I would hear.  Durant replied saying "Carsen peed my pants."  Seriously, how does that happen?  How does someone else pee your pants unless you were dressed as the urinal for Halloween.  So, if you fail on a project at work, screwed up at home, just feel like nothing is going your way, just be glad that Carsen didn't pee your pants.  That has to be about the worst!

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