Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November's Person

Yesterday I heard some news that caused me to quickly call Nikki.  I knew that she was in a meeting, but I almost did our "I called twice because it's an emergency" deal.  The things is this.  We love the Yankees.  They are an outstanding team.  I know everyone is discouraged that we like them, they think we are sellouts and cannot believe we can love Jesus and Jeter.  It is possible.  Paul says "everything is permissible."  This includes a love for the pinstripes.  (After all, most of you like bad teams and that just isn't fun.  The season is just too long to like a team that has no chance.)

Back on point, the Yankees are getting old.  Most of them feel like they played with Mantle or celebrated their first championship while riding in a Model T.  They've been a part of the team forever.  Every year we have a bit of sadness.  At some point, the guys are going to retire.  I hope it never happens, but it could.  That's when the news broke.  No one retired, just relax.  Still, the news was close enough.  Jorge Posada is moving from catcher to DH.  This is huge news for my house.  This like saying that Glee is moving to Saturday mornings just after Planet Sheen.  (If you don't watch Planet Sheen start now!)

I love Jorge Posada.  If I had fifteen sons I would probably name the next one Jorge.  Moving to DH is like flirting with retirement.  Flirting with retirement is like playing with my emotions.  I don't like when people play with my emotions.  Still, I love Jorge.  I'm going to ask Nikki to paint a 20 on my back that I will wear for the rest of the week.  If you have never watched him play, watch an old game.  He was amazing.  He's still awesome, but apparently he needs to just focus on hitting.

In his personal life he has an awesome foundation that he started that benefits people with craniosynostosis.  If you need an idea for a Christmas gift for anyone, I recommend the "Hip Hop Jorge" t shirt available here.  Seriously great player.  Apparently great guy.  Jorge Posada is my person of the month.

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