Monday, November 22, 2010

November's Media

I often go to BBC Africa's website to see what is happening over there.  I really like their news reporting on most of the world and they do a good job with Africa.  (They actually even have a great magazine that comes out quarterly for anyone interested.)  Anyways, I saw a series of photos that my sons will love!
My boys have never really watched wrestling, but they know names like John Cena from t shirts and stuff at school.  We have a room in our house that is called "the pink room" because it is painted this salmon color that makes you feel like less of a man.  We use that room for two very important things.
1.  homework.  There is a lot of homework done in our house.  Each kid gets like fifteen hours of homework a night and then goes on field trips during the day.  I'm very confused.
2.  wrestling.  Currently Nikki and I are the tag team champions.  Durant is tough, but he can't beat us yet!

Anyways, check out these photos!
I particularly like the flying shoulder drop by the baby elephant.  (Tell me that you have written a cooler sentence than that, I dare you.)

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