Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November's Random Interest- Favorite Colors

I have five kids okay.  This stuff matters!  I was watching the award winning Meet The Parents a few weeks ago and I heard DeNiro say that geniuses choose the color green.  (That is not a direct quote.)  I remember instantly having green jump from just below "licorice green/black" to the top with that statement.

A few nights later I was trying to fall asleep and I was wondering what my favorite color really is.  I have always said blue because that seemed like the safe answer, like "C" in a multiple choice question.  I don't think it is really true that I like blue.  I know my eyes "show up" if I'm wearing blue, but I don't think that means that they disappear if I wear another color.  I started to notice that nearly every shirt I own is either brown or has "Texas Longhorns" written on it.  I said this to my beautiful-yet-sometimes-insensitive wife who said that she always knew that if I was a color I would be brown.  This made me a little upset because poop and other gross things are brown.  If you think of it, so is chocolate, coffee, and the Cleveland Browns.  They have Colt McCoy, which makes them awesome.  They are kind of orange, but they have the name "brown" anyways.

Today I went on the always accurate infoplease.com and found that brown represents being solid and reliable.  It also means sad, which is sad.    All in all, I wish I liked green, but I probably like brown.  Next time a five year old asks me I'll try out my new answer and hope he doesn't make fun of me.  He probably knows the answer is supposed to be blue!

By the way, can anyone actually answer white as their favorite color? I think that is cheating.

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