Friday, February 18, 2011

February's Quote

I read Seth Godin's blog pretty often and he had this statement that I thought had some meaning today.

He wrote "Art is not in the eye of the beholder.  It is in the soul of the artist."

This is pretty encouraging when we look at some parts of our life.  Too often we quit because we aren't sure what it would look like.  Most days I want to stop blogging because who really cares what I'm thinking.  People don't paint because they are sure it isn't good enough.  I have a friend who loves flowers and gardens yet doesn't know if he is good so he doesn't plant.

Too often we stop before we ever start.  Our little worlds would be a lot more colorful if we would do what we love, at least with our free time.  We can be critics later.  Let what is within you out today, whether that means five extra minutes making dinner or dusting off the old guitar.  I think Seth is right.  It's art if it is in your soul.

Seth is a lot smarter than I.  If you want to read his thoughts first hand, check him out at


  1. I needed to hear that.........thanks:)

  2. we care what you think, matt - we just don't comment cuz we aren't good at it like you... ;)