Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Christy and Nikki put a great post up about their day yesterday, so I will compete with a much less heart felt and serious post about my day.

Had to convince my boys that going to school was the only option.  They were hoping I would say "hey, why don't you feel sick until eleven, we'll get some pizza, and play video games until maybe midnight! Sound cool?"
I disappointed them.  They furthered their education.

Ana was sick/is sick with a fever and what I assume are aches.  The poor little thing just kind of groans like a dog.  She is very snuggly though.  I had to call her school and cancel her appointment.

The morning
Ana like Playhouse Disney.  Who knew? I worked from the living room while she watched Mickey Mouse do his high pitched thing.  She smiled, then wanted to go to bed.

Ana pointed at foods until I found the one she wanted.  Then I would warm it in the microwave and she would want something else. This happened four times, then she was too tired and wanted to sleep.

I got to talk to Nikki on the computer, which was awesome, while Ana napped. I have not gotten done what I had hoped, but hopefully Ana feels better soon.

Also, it began snowing. Nothing stuck to the pavement, but it began snowing.  This means my kids will come home certain of no school tomorrow.

Ezra comes home certain their is no school tomorrow.  He just wants to watch tv and play video games until midnight.  I had him do his chores.  I'm a mean dad.

The other boys come home certain their is no school tomorrow.  We had the talk again, and they believed me that there was a slight chance that there would be school since there was zero snow actually on the ground.

The kids did their homework in the kitchen (even though they are sure there will be no school.) Durant's page gets wet because he wanted to chew on his shirt.  He finished his homework without a shirt on. He was a little cold.

We ate dinner and discussed Paula Dean, Selena Gomez, and the value of leftovers all at the same time.  I got a headache.

The boys were supposed to be getting ready for bed. Instead, they put on Ethiopian clothes and made music videos to their favorite Ethiopian artists.  It was cute, so I pretended I didn't know what they were doing.  Ana moaned like a dog and fell asleep.

Ezra wants to watch Tivo and see if we can find American Idol since there will be no school tomorrow.  He got to go read before bed.

All is quiet at my house and I learn that there WILL be school tomorrow.  I throw a small party, dance around the living room and read about Yogi Berra until I fall asleep.

Does life get more ordinary? I think not.

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