Thursday, February 10, 2011


Here are a few things that kept crossing my mind yesterday.  If you don't enjoy my thinking, I would come back tomorrow, this may be painful.

Tubes of beef are weird.  When I grocery shopped earlier in the week I bought one of those 5lb tubes of meat.  I don't know if I ever bought one before, but they are pretty weird.  Granted, we ate it in two meals (dinner Tuesday and Wednesday,) I still felt kind of awkward squirting out beef.  I don't want the beef straight off the cow or anything, but I guess I like to think that it at one time was real.  To be funny, last night I took the tube beef and made it a meatloaf.  That way the beef could know that it spent its existence in the most unnatural of shapes.  I will only eat chicken the rest of the week.

Chic-Fil-A is heavenly.  I'm not normally a fast food fan, but there is something about Chic-Fil-A.  The owner must be Calvinist because there is something about their food that is Irresistible. Then, the Chic-Fil-A sauce.'s not even fair.  The only place even close is Taco Bell, but we all know that isn't from Jesus.  I think that Taco Bell may be the complete opposite.  It's still temptingly good though.

Robots are cooler than cars chased by dinosaurs.  I get to help Durant make a Valentine's Day basket.  I want to make a robot because:
1.  I made one when I was a kid and I'm nostalgic.
2.  I know how.
3.  We have tin foil and that is fun to play with.
I had it all set up and gave a convincing speech to Durant.  Instead he wants to turn a shoe box into a car with working wheels being chased by a dinosaur.  When I said I didn't want to, he said "who's box is it?"  Today I will be googling how to make a car being chased by a dinosaur.  It's due tomorrow.

We need more homework hats.  My mom reminded me that I used to wear a "homework hat."  It was actually just a baseball helmet with a stocking cap over it, but magic happened in my brain when I wore it.  I pace when I work, still to this day, and I would wear this so that people knew I was doing homework.  I'm sure I also wore it because I thought it was awesome, but I still wore it.  Now, I think I should have a "work hat" or "thinking hat" or "I'm taking a two minute break that will take 25."  I should start designing these now.

Andy Pettitte shouldn't retire.  I recognize not everyone is a baseball fan, but stick with me.  He's just done now.  He's so good and the Yankees need him, and yet he said that he's done playing.  He wants "more time with his family."  I've had a week with my kids.  I think he should start throwing again.  (Just kidding mostly.)  The Yankees lost last year and he has to retire on a championship. Him quitting right now is like if Shadrach decided to go home just before the fire thing.  "I'll talk to you later Benny.  I know this is a great adventure, but I want to go change diapers."  He didn't say that.  He went in the fire!  Ok, I don't wish fire on Andy, but I want to see him pitch. I'm a little emotional right now.  I'll be okay.

Ana's finally healthy and back at school, so hopefully I'll have less free time to think today and will be more productive.  Thanks for sticking with me!

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