Wednesday, February 9, 2011


To start off I have to tell you that Ana stole my coffee.  You would think I would just take it back, but she has been sick, and she's kind of scary.  I know she is little, but her hair is all crazy (my fault) and she looks like she just left a cage fight.  I can't take it from her.  She may bite me.

So some of you may be wondering "How was Tuesday?"
Let me tell you some of the thing I've learned.

1.  I can't email.  It took me three attempts to get the right blog site emailed out yesterday and I still didn't do it correctly.  It's okay, I read pretty well and I think I have a great Jerry Seinfeld impression.

2.  Like his mom, Carter likes to travel.  Unlike his mom, his traveling is on the basketball court.  In the words of Ross "Pivot!  Pivot!"  He's playing well though, just wishes dribbling were optional.

3. Rhythm isn't preloaded into kids.  I caught Jackson dancing yesterday.  Wow!  He can move, but he was trying some new stuff that looked like he was doing an impression of Napoleon Dynamite doing the intro to "The Cosby Show."  It was painful.  I wanted to video tape it and put it on the blog, but he might record my moves too.  They have to stay secret until they make their debut somewhere huge!

4.  Homework isn't fun.  I don't remember doing much homework, but I'll tell you that I'm making up for it now.  This kindergarten stuff Durant has is tough.  He has to write ten sentences this week and he doesn't know how to spell yet.  It makes for challenging work.

5.  Balloons should cost more.  The most popular toys in the Ness house for 2011?  Balloons and plastic cups.  I pulled out a balloon yesterday and you would have thought that I had just dumped Toys R Us in the kitchen.  Everyone was amazed and in wonder at the balloon.  Everyone huddled together and played a game of volleyball as joy filled the room.  Why do I buy expensive toys to fight over when I can buy a pack of balloons at the dollar store and be wildly popular.

6. God made moms.  I get why man should not be alone.  You should see this house.  Half way done, and that means there is time to clean, catch up on Valentines for school, do laundry, take medicine, baths, wash the car, get groceries...  When is Nikki back?

Those are the things I learned yesterday.  Hope your day was good.


  1. Hi Matt

    I am enjoying your daily updates! Because of these I have added laughter to my day. Thank you so much keep em comin:)
    So wished I was there to help with Ana's hair.

    please say hi to your beautiful children from beema.

  2. I'll say hi to the kids for you. Also, Ana got a bath and Ezra helped me braid the hair. It looks good now!