Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Middle School

I'm leaving in a minute to go and speak to middle school students for the whole day.  Seriously, the whole day.  Pray for me.

I love middle schoolers, but they remind me of some of my painful moments as a middle school pastor.  Going to the hospital with broken arms, explaining how I didn't think it was my students smearing things on the bathroom walls, apologizing when it was my students.

It also reminds me of being in middle school.  Man, was I not awesome. Here are my quick memories.

  • the awesomeness that was the Sega Genesis
  • Spin Doctors cd
  • Columbia House and BMG cd deals (I thought they were awesome)
  • Girbaud jeans
  • Starter jackets
  • Michael Jordan
  • awkward conversations at dances
  • ripping my sweatpants right in front while carrying metal in my shop class
  • being glad shop was my last class
  • confirmation
  • my first guitar
  • neon everything
I hope you enjoyed middle school.  If you feel out of place today, be glad you are not still rocking your old school.

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