Friday, February 11, 2011


Yesterday all the kids were healthy and went to school  It was a beautiful day.  The birds were chirping and the work was getting done. I caught up on some of life and felt much better by the end of the day.

Last night I was talking to a great friend for a while and I told him about Ana's new vitamins.  She has this vitamin that smells like fish.  It is horrible.  It is as if they cut up a fish and made it in pill form (It is not fish oil, but something weirder.)  Anyways, a few weeks ago Nikki called the Dr. because all of Ana smelled like fish.  Her hair smelled like fish, her diapers, everything.  She is on this vitamin to counter her medicine, so we were getting nervous about this horrible smell being present for years.

When Nikki talked to the nurse she said that Ana smelling like the vitamin shows you that it is working. We were sure that she wasn't getting any of the nutrients, but we were completely off.  I guess that this fish vitamin isn't fully in you until it leaks out of you.

It is the same with beliefs.  If your belief doesn't leak out of your pours, it is probably theory.  Not that you should be pounding your beliefs on other people, but you should smell like what you believe.  Are the people near you your highest priority? You should smell like it.  Do you believe you are new?  Do you feel your life is not your own?  That you have reason for real joy?  If these or any other beliefs are real and actual in your life you should smell like it.  Otherwise it's just theory.


  1. Matt

    A kid in school today said I had a smell, is that a good sign?

    I think so!