Thursday, November 10, 2011

1 in 4 wins

I have never won the lottery.  The main reason is because I haven't bought a ticket since I bought some for my grandpa when I was in middle school.  He didn't win on one ticket and it seemed all too expensive.  It may be because of this, but I do spend a year's worth of money at McDonald's during the Monopoly game.  This year it paid off.  After all, one in four wins.

We didn't win the million, the car, or even the video game system.  Instead, Nikki and I won the two most valuable breakfast sandwiches known to man.

We cashed them in last Friday at a McDonald's in St. Matthews.  While we were sitting there I saw a guy with his Bible out.  I wanted to talk to him, but I figured that I am weird and it was the biscuit talking.  I thought I would finish and then maybe get up.  Then, I looked to the other side and saw two more guys with their Bibles out.  I had to see what was going on.  Well, the first guy, Brandon, went to say hi to the other two.  I saw my window and made Nikki quickly slam her sandwich so we could walk by them on our way out.  Brandon was talking to a lady, so I just stood there awkwardly until they were done. I'm sure I looked odd, but I'm used to that.  Once that conversation ended Nikki and I got to know Brandon as well as Scott and Drew.  We talked for a little while and left so encouraged by the faith of these men.

Before McDonald's I was in a hurry and we weren't even supposed to be in St. Matthews.  It was only because I forgot what I needed that Nikki met me at Heine Brothers and we headed out together.  Brandon was there on accident.  Scott and Drew just started meeting the week before.  It's not like all of the world changed and we were able to give free McMuffins to all the homeless downtown, but it was a beautiful reminder that God has gifts for us in the middle of our day.  I have lived deeply encouraged for a week off of that "chance" meeting.  I have rarely been more thankful that I don't mind standing awkwardly waiting to say hi to someone God may have me meet.  It feels like 75% of the time I feel like a fool, but the rest of the times make it worth while.

I'm not trying to be too cheesy, but I will be anyways.  I pray that my family and yours have the courage to feel odd as we courageously follow what God has in front of us.  May He guide your steps, even if they lead you to McDonald's.  I pray we become known as people who go where He leads.

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