Monday, November 7, 2011

Practice what we sing

Just the other day I was riding around with my little Ana in the car. We had a worship cd on and Ana was in the back singing away. I started listening to the words again and I was reminded how much truth is packed into many of the songs we sing. I can't help but think, "what would we look like if we lived what we sing?"

It's amazing how we can worship in the car to a cd full of truth about who God is and who we are in light of Him, and then hop out and live different. I know there are little pathways in the brain and I am wondering how God connects the two areas. What would I look like if my life reflected my favorite songs? (Not the 90's classics like "The End of the Road." More like Chris McClarney or Chris Tomlin songs.)

I cannot wait for the day when all that we know and believe in theory comes out of our lives in reality. Instead of knowing God should be first, we live with Him first. Instead of saying we trust Him, truly trusting Him. Instead of caring as we pass by someone, actually stopping and seeing the people in front of us. The day that this happens will change the world. Maybe that day is today.

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