Friday, November 4, 2011

Long absent, possible return

There are some things that I just love the idea of but don't necessarily want to work towards. I wish I could wake up in shape, learn a language in my sleep and become a natural writer by blinking. None of those things happen, but are all worth pursuing. With that said, at least today I will blog again.

I meet with this group of guys on Fridays. They are great guys that I have met with for just over a year. Today was interesting. I feel like we had the exact conversation a year ago. I even remember some comments being the same. I remember hearing "everyone is worn out", "time is going to fast", and "those ladies took our table." It made me realize, I really shouldn't act surprised by life any longer. As long as I can remember, some people have felt worn out. Scripture teaches that is a reality. It also teaches that when we are weary God will be our strength.

I am beginning to wonder what would happen if I shifted the attention away from weariness and towards God's provision instead. What would it look like to look to Him in practice instead of theory? What if we didn't accept life staying the same, and also stopped pretending we can change ourselves?

It's work to relearn life. I think it is worth the effort to trust God to bring all that He says He provides. This isn't just money. This is peace, hope and all of the rest. Here's to relearning to trust Him...again.

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