Monday, November 7, 2011


I haven't figured it out yet, but on certain days in Louisville organizations can take donations at stoplights. It is very strange and I am certain I will accidentally hit one of the workers some day. The worst part about hitting them is not that they would be hit by a Jeep, but that I would feel like subconsciously I didn't like their cause. That would make me feel bad, and probably donate.

On Saturday Carter and I were driving to UK. On the way we passed two different intersections with donation-takers. The first one was for the humane society. These poor dogs and cats need homes and people were dumping money in the buckets. It looked like they were buying rare hamsters with the amounts they were giving. In fact, I almost missed the light because two cars in front of me was trying to give so much. Generous people, seriously! I have a game to go to!

The next intersection was for a homeless shelter. I'm not lying, people were rolling up their windows. I have never seen drivers avoid eye contact. Not one person gave. It was crazy. People were acting like they would catch homelessness by giving.

Why do we care about the puppies but not the people? It was a pretty odd moment. I still argue that we, as people, are an odd breed.
By the way- even though UK won, I still like U of L!

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