Monday, November 14, 2011

How far?

I'm a dad. When I think of the things that most practically define me, that is definitely top 5, hopefully top 3 behind follow of Christ and husband to my bride. (sometimes other identities sneak in, but that's another post.)

I'm learning so much about me by being a dad. The new thing I'm seeing is how far I will take things. I saw it in my kids this weekend. I threw a football party for Jackson, Durant, Ana and I. It was an all out celebration with Twizzlers, smoked almonds, and orange soda. The funny thing was the kids weren't satisfied. They wanted two sodas instead of one.  Chips instead of almonds. They didn't want just football, but movies. Not just the afternoon, but all night. They weren't even happy with just Saturday, but wanted Sunday as well. We missed a few memories looking for the next.

I saw it most clearly in a thank you card Jackson made me. He drew a wonderful photo of us both as ninja turtles. On the inside he thanked me for the fun weekend, and then he dropped the question...can we play video games? He knows we weren't going to, but since we had fun he thought he could maybe have more.

The same thing was shown perfect in a photo Nikki took with Carter in Memphis.

My son is a little comedian, but he's doing what I have often done.  I have tried to see what I can get away with.  One more soda, candy bar, movie or game. 

I want to be grateful for today, messes and all. I don't want to look for how I can get away with more, but how I can live more content. Isn't to want His kingdom more than this world, and celebrate the journey of getting there.

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