Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Good of Facebook

I'll be honest.  I don't like Facebook.  I'm grateful for it because this week is about being thankful.  Still, for me, I'm about as thankful for Facebook as I am for my back molar.  I am sure I would miss it some if it were gone, but right now I don't really care.  Anyways, today I went through Nikki's pictures.  She has a slew of photos on their from the past five years.  It was pretty incredible looking through and seeing Ana when she was so tiny that her smile was bigger than her head.  I laughed seeing that Durant's eyes have always been huge and that Carter has always been like my miniature guy friend.  It was powerful watching through photos as the last two years have progressed and Ezra and Jackson have grown bigger and more comfortable over time.  I am a very blessed man.
Even though I still have no interest in playing Farmville or giving you corn, I am finding some good on Facebook.  I think I can call it a day.

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