Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Brother

It's my little brother's birthday today.  I think he turns fifteen today.  That's what it feels like anyways.  Somehow I feel like I'm aging but he's still the age he was when I went to college, or got married, or starting collecting children like they were Tim Hardaway basketball cards. Anyways, my little brother is a pretty incredible young man.

Brian just bought a house recently.  I didn't get to see it over Christmas, but I have heard it's the cutest house.  He has done awesome in his job, surrounded himself with true friends, and cares for his community and the sweet lady living next to him.

I have told most of you that he is a great artist.  More than that, he truly is a good brother.  I'm lucky to have Brian.  I don't know if you ever read this Brian, but Happy Birthday.  I pray this year is filled with lasting joy and peace. If I could, I would buy you a big, shiny jet!

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