Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January's "I'm not so cool" Moment

Technically it happened in December, but the truth is it still happened.  Not surprisingly it came out of the mouth of one of my children. This leads me to a side note:  Did God create children to humble parents? I'm starting to believe this is true.  No one has led me to realize my dependence on God more than my five crew members.  I feel it more everyday.

Back to the "I'm not so cool" moment.  My family was staying at my mom's house over Christmas and my brother was there too.  He spent the night on one couch and Carter was on the other.  When my crew started waking Brian used his full intelligence and turned away from the living room.  With his back facing out, little Ana went towards him thinking that he was me.  This is an easy mistake because we are both amazingly good looking.  Just ask us.  When she got near she saw it was him and was a little confused.

Next came Jackson.  He woke Brian and saw his awesome morning hair.  For those of you who don't know the way that Ness hair works you need to know that during the night our hair throws dance parties and when we wake it looks like someone took a power mixer to our scalp. When Jackson saw Brian he said that his morning hair looked like my hair when it is fixed.

I know that I don't have good hair, but what options do I have?  Grass seed companies want to study my scalp to see how my hair can grow so thick and quickly.  What else can I do but stick it up everywhere?  I thought I was being a "cool dad" for Jackson.  I guess I just look like a blender head.

This morning is a good week and a half since Jackson's subtle punch to my stomach.  I remembered his words this morning, but I stuck my hair up a good foot and a half just because I can.  I may not be cool, but with my hair making me seven feet tall I am at my ideal weight!

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