Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Phone Changes A Man

I just got a white Blackberry Curve.  There, I said it.  I had a black one that broke earlier this month and through the insurance I was able to get a new phone of the same model.  The only problem is that they did not have any of the black one left, since it was the only color people want.

I got to choose between pink and white.  Mistakingly I chose white.  If I had picked pink I could have blamed the company, traded with Nikki, or just said it was a statement of my confidence as a man.  Instead, I have the white phone and suddenly feel obligated to wear white rimmed sunglasses, white belts and skinny jeans.  (If you can picture me in that look I would ask you not to.)

I think the phone has changed me.  I used to have no fear in pulling out my phone to check an email, now I'm nervous.  I would talk on the phone in public before, now I sit in the back of my van by the tinted windows.  I want a t shirt made that says "I didn't pick the phone."  Of course, since the phone looks so trendy I would want it in a nice cut and made from recycled cotton.  Maybe a t shirt that used to be an old tire that they turned into the most comfortable t shirt ever for only $249.99.

So next time you see me, ask me to see my phone.  When I show you don't laugh.  I'm pretty fragile and might cry. There is a sale at the mall I have to get to now.  Have a good day.


  1. Hey Matt,
    I would love to see your white blackberry in use:)
    I'm sure Ana would take if off your hands in a minute.
    Have a great week-end with your awesome family....I still miss you guys:(

  2. That's okay, Matt... after all, you live in Louisville, KY and previously claimed living there made you feel like a "real MAN!" The phone will simply serve to keep you humble in such a manless city!