Thursday, January 6, 2011

Most Influential Books read in 2010

I'm just one guy who definitely has a preference in the style of books that I read.  With that said, I just finished my notebook where I took notes on all the books I read this last year.  There were a lot of different books, but here are the few that were most helpful to me.

"Free of Charge" by Miroslav Volf:  This is a great book about the practice of forgiveness in a culture that isn't all that excited about it.  It is a challenging book that is very relevant to any of us.

"Walking with the Poor" by Bryant Myers.  The cover is horrible.  The book is old.  The truths and experience in it are worth fifty times what you pay for the book

"Stuff Christians Like" by Jonathan Acuff.  The guys funny.  Most days I need to laugh and laugh hard.

"Linchpin" by Seth Godin.  It's hard to describe this book, but I would say in a way that it is courage on a page.  I don't agree with everything, but the idea is whatever is in front of you, go do it and be irreplaceable.  It helped me to think of what I am called to and what I am not and finally be okay with that.

There are about twenty others I would recommend, but I need to get some stuff done.  I hope you check out one of these if it would help.


  1. I just ordered one of these books - Walking with the poor...can't wait!

  2. "walking with the poor" does read like a text book, but awesome perspective on real life!