Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Repenting for Neglect

I got a chance to speak to a community here in Louisville last weekend. As I prepared, there was one thing that stood out to me.  We were talking about reconciliation and I had been praying on this for several weeks.  As I walked through the city during that time I heard stories and spent time with people who looked and talked like me.  We drink the same coffee at the same shops.  We cheer for the same sports and often even dress alike. Truthfully, it is a poor picture of the Kingdom of God.

When you go through Scriptures you see God align Himself with the widows, orphans, sojourners, and those who can't speak for themselves.  The church is invited to look like Him, yet these people are rarely within the doors.  It isn't that anyone is being outright cruel.  It is a case of looking away. The church has a serious problem with neglect.  We neglect those who don't look like us and pretend we don't know any better.  You can see it nearly any Sunday morning.

I dream of being in a church or church movement that intentionally went against this.  I've seen glimpses, the beginnings of this great shade tree growing, but I cannot wait until the church reflecting the King is seen by all the world.  At that point all will be gathered and the words of Colossians 3:11 will be known in practice instead of just theory.

Best I can tell, the Kingdom doesn't require others to resemble us before they walk in the doors to the church.  The Kingdom requires us to go out the doors and see how others resemble our Father.  As this happens the world will see and know that God is good.  Let this begin in me.

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  1. amen brother! but isn't it just easier to be a "friend of job" and help people from a distance without getting their "dirt" on us... longing for that church too friend!