Monday, January 3, 2011

Wildly Popular in Russia

I just found on the blog where you can see where your "followers" are living.  I want you to know the country that is beginning to follow me is Russia.  There must be a pocket of people who love me up there because they are clicking on this blog like I'm giving away free computers (which I am not.)  I'm thinking about planning a tour of Russia for all of my readers up there, but it could easily be just one person who thinks my last name is a suffix.  More on this later.  In the mean time, Russia loves me!


  1. I think(and that pretty much says it) in Russian, Matt Ness translates to something like "Canadian music." Maybe that's the draw?

  2. I bought Rosetta Stone for $5,000 just to find out what my name means. The verdict: you are correct Dan. My name actually means "Canadian Music." You can add "bilingual" to your resume now.